VGS Prayag Private Limited

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VGS Prayag Private Limited

We are Prayag's extension arm,
with headquarters in Delhi.
We are Prayag's authorised super stockist.

VGS Prayag Private Limited

We are Prayag's extension arm,
with headquarters in Delhi.
We are Prayag's authorised super stockist.

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No Matter the Value & Expectations, VGS Prayag Serves You with Utmost Importance

We are an agency that is considered as one of the best in the country when it comes to sanitation, pipes and fittings. No doubt we are new in the market with a year of experience, but we have served more than 1300 clients with utmost importance and satisfaction.

Our company mainly deals with pipes, faucets, PTMT Symet, Storage Tank, CP Fittings, Straps and Grating, Stainless Steel Sinks etc.

With a wide range of best-quality products, we make use of the latest technology for distribution. Our facilities are equipped with efficient development tools that help us with easier distribution so that we can serve our customers in terms of values and meet their expectations.

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VGS Prayag will help you get things complete reality.

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shape Who We Are?

To genuinely identify us, here are some quick records we’d like to specify:

Our origin came from Prayag and so we have exposure under common upbringing. Our head office is situated in Delhi. Further, we are the renowned super stockist of Prayag adhering to excels in the supply chain in the field of pipes and fittings. All the services that we provide are of reasonable prices and our customers even find them affordable and worthwhile. Excellent design, quality service and the latest methods are something that we always maintain.

Our professionals work closely with clients in order to seek innovative designs and solutions to fulfill their needs and requirements. We at VGS Prayag work with the clients and understand their needs from the basic levels so that we can provide them with the perfect solution that they can get. Timely delivery of service is something that we are known for.

What can you expect from us?

Faster delivery of the products and services, as we start working on your assignment as soon as we receive your order.


All the products that we provide are of high quality and the best in the market.


Our products are of reasonable price.


Free consultation for any of our services.


Customer support and services.

Advance Upgrades Right Away - A Measure Of Quality

Our company has earned a name for itself as a leading supplier of pipes, fittings, sanitation products and more by offering its customers high-quality products of superior quality and of advanced standards to ensure their long-term satisfaction.

Our quality measure is well above international standards, which makes us an ideal choice for all your sanitation requirements. All our products are reliable with the utmost precision to meet our client's exact needs. We have been in this industry for years with a dedication toward excellence in manufacturing quality pipes & fittings at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Pipes & Fitting with A Touch of Class – We make as Difference

Quality sanitary plumbing fixtures can make a huge difference in increasing the aesthetic of any home. Don’t settle for leaky faucets and rusty pipes – upgrade to high-quality fixtures today! You will be glad you did. We provide the highest quality sanitation products, pipes, and fittings with a touch of class.

We ensure providing products of the finest materials that are built to last long. With our wide range of piping and fittings, we can supply both domestic and commercial customers with excellent service and high-quality sanitation and plumbing fixtures.

VGS Prayag

Our Products

Why Choose Us?

We are a company that doesn't work for mere profit but to provides quality customer service. We know how to make your home efficient and comfortable with our products.

shape The best service for your home

We offer you the best pipes and fittings designs that can give your home a new look. Our quality sanitation products will not only make your home comfortable but also make it healthier.

shape Keep you high and dry

Luxury life is something that we actually offer you with our products, and the best home has a good fit for all its needs. With our products, we'll make your home easier and more comfortable.

shape Quality

The best pipes, fittings and other sanitation accessories in the market are provided only by our company. So, if you are ready to decorate your home, feel free to contact us. Not only do we have readymade products, but also we can offer you with our specially handcrafted and custom-made products that look phenomenon.

shape Credibility

We are an agency that has been trusted by thousands of customers for credibility and quality service. Just like our products, our work is also of high quality, and we offer you the best services. If you have any sanitation, pipes or fittings needed for your home, do contact us and give us a chance to serve you.

We’ll be happy to help you!

Get in touch with us & let’s discuss your requirements.